Relationships are always challenging, even when all goes well and both partners treat the other with both
as a couple and as individuals.  

Every relationship will experience disagreements or cranky moments; but it is how the couple handles
these situations that will determine the health and longevity of the relationship.

Above you will find two links to pages on this website that will help you define and evaluate the present
health as well as the prognosis for a healthy future.

Whether you are in a marriage, dating, or living together unmarried, you need to be aware of the signs
that your "partner" is in a Power and Control game with you.  But this is no game!  It is real and it is
potentially extremely dangerous to your emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being.  For additional
information on Power and Control in relationships as well as The
Power & Control Wheel, click on this
link to go to “
Domestic Violence Facts," an article by the
National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

  • Healthy or Abusive - the characteristics of a safe & healthy relationship vs an abusive
  • Power & Control - recognizing the various behaviors that may indicate that you are in an
    abusive relationship
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