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Preventing Victimization — Don’t Take Your Safety For Granted?

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As Mika Brzezinski, co-anchor of Morning Joe, on MSNBC, stood on a street in Washington, DC, she was attacked and mugged.   Ms. Brzezinski was standing outside the Ritz-Carlton in Washington, D.C. at 4:55 a.m.  She was waiting for the ride that would take her to the studio.  She is quoted as saying “I have been in far worse situations.” 

According to the article about this incident, which appeared in The Reliable Source in the Washington Post on December 19, 2008, co-anchor Joe Scarborough seemed more upset than Ms. Brzezinski.  Actually, the paper quoted him as saying “I am furious!” 

What is utterly amazing is that there is no mention in the article of the perilous situation in which Ms. Brzezinski placed herself.  There is no discussion of why she was out in the dark, “just five feet from the door!,” as Mr. Scarborough says.  Why, if she had been in more serious situations before, was she not more careful?

I’m not blaming the victim for being mugged, but I am blaming her for taking such an unnecessary risk with her life and wellbeing.  I’m blaming the hotel for not ensuring the safety for a guest who must stand outside their door to get her ride.  I’m blaming the mugger for everything else!

Women place themselves in these kinds of situation all the time; but, fortunately, all situations do not have a dangerous outcome.  But why take the risk?  Jogging alone with ear buds in their ears.  Walking alone late at night.  Accepting rides with people they barely know or may not know at all.  The examples could go on and on.

I do not advocate unjustified fear nor do I want to cause women to worry every time they go out.  But, come on, ladies, have a care.  I do expect women to take their safety more seriously and become more active in preserving it.  What happened to Ms. Brzezinski could have been considerably worse.

“It’s not going to happen to me or in my neighborhood”– famous last words, until it does happen!  Too many of us have experienced the loss of someone in their neighborhood, where such things NEVER happen! 

That is what we thought in a wonderful sleepy town in Anne Arundel County, Maryland.  But a women was attacked, beaten beyond recognition, raped, and murdered — at 10:30 on a beautiful Sunday morning, while simply going about her day. 

The point?  It can happen anywhere to anyone at any time.  Be smart.

Freedom to go about your life and do the things you enjoy comes from taking the precautions to feel safe and be safe.  Nothing is a guarantee against victimization, but why not reduce your risk?  SO, PLEASE, THINK BEFORE PUTTING YOURSELF AT POTENTIAL RISK.  For more information on reducing risk of victimization, go to www.WPSN.net.

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January 23rd, 2010 at 7:21 pm

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