Don't Become A Victim of Crime.

A common sense approach to
preventing victimization.

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The excerpt below is from Crime Prevention Tips, published in 1996, and applies today.  All you have to do is
watch the news, read the paper, or browse the Internet to know that women and men, but particularly women, are
putting themselves in harms way even though decades of information has been available to help them make
better decisions regarding their own personal safety.  The conclusion - this information is not getting to the
public.  The intention of this website is to provide a solution to that problem.
Dear Readers,

Whether we like it or not, crime exists.  Pretending it doesn't or that it happens to "her," not "me" does not lessen the
reality - that crime exists!

When it comes to crime prevention, we must not only look out for ourselves, but also for those we know and for the
strangers who cross our paths every day.  Crime cannot be prevented if people think only of themselves.  Society has been
doing that for years and crime has increased to unbelievable levels.

I believe that the information I have gathered is important and needs to be made more easily available to the public.  I
hope this [website] will provide that service.  Read over the tips often and share them with your friends and family.

The tips in this website were obtained through various sources.  Some are from college course handouts, hospital sexual
assault center literature, fliers and brochures from organizations dealing day to day with victims of crime, and from
conversations with people considered expert in the field of crime, sexual assault, and crime prevention.

This information gives insight into precautions you can take to minimize your potential for being victimized.  There is, of
course, no guarantee that should you follow all the tips given, you will not be a victim or that each tip may work for you.  
But awareness is the first step to maintaining your personal safety and the safety of those you love.

After "awareness" the next important step you should take to maintain your personal safety is to have a "plan."  No matter
where you go or what you do, you should know what you will do if a potentially dangerous situation occurs.  Although
we cannot always predict how we will react to a crisis, nevertheless, it is important to have at least thought about your
actions under such circumstances.

Reducing your risk of becoming a victim is the goal of crime prevention.  You can do this by observing simple
common-sense practices.  Following these practices does not constrict your enjoyment of life.  To the contrary - because
you become aware, alert and observe crime prevention tips, you have lessened your risk of assault and, therefore, can
enjoy the freedom to go about living and enjoying life.
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