Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You see a man just standing in the parking lot as you exit the store or mall.
  • You did not realize that it was late when you left work -  it is dark outside and you are alone.
  • Your car breaks down along the side of the road.
  • You are not sure if you should leave the bedroom window open - only a few inches.
  • You are debating with your spouse about installing a screen/storm door - it will distract from the beauty of the new front doors!
  • You are getting ready for that big trip and you do not know who should know you will be away.
  • You do not see the need for a cell phone or a home alarm system.
  • You are walking down a street alone and see a group of men ahead.

Each of the situations above impacts your personal safety.  And the only person you can depend on to insure your own personal safety is
yourself.  Your responses to the scenarios above, and many, many more such scenarios, can reduce your risk of victimization.  What are
you going to do in response to any of these situations?  What do you know about reducing your risk of becoming a crime victim?  To help
you formulate your response, you first need to know the following:

  1. That "Uh, Oh" Feeling - the one weapon we all have is the "Uh, Oh" feeling, better known as your gut reaction.  No one can take
    this weapon from you and it is a very powerful weapon.  Listen to it.  Do not let anyone else tell you that you are "just being
    paranoid" or "just being silly."  It could be the difference between life and death or serious injury.   
  2. What's the PLAN? - this is the "what if" response.  Think about the various situations that may confront you and rehearse the "what
    if" response over and over in your mind.  The intention here is that should such situations occur, you already have in your mind
    what you will do and, therefore, you do it!  This may sound like one of those "easier said than done" statements, but it will at least
    put into your mind a reaction, one you would not have if not for the PLAN.
  3. Who attacks?  Who gets attacked? - the days when we thought we knew who gets sexually assaulted (out late at night, wearing
    provocative clothing, etc.) are long gone and they were myths anyway.  The days when we told ourselves that the bad guy jumps
    out of the bushes and looks sinister are long gone as well and they, too, were myths.  Anyone can be sexually assaulted, from as
    young as 2 to as old as 92.   This assault can occur at any time of the day or night, in any kind of location you can think of.  The
    perpetrator of these crimes can look like that sweet boy next door or that wonderful boss for whom you work.  There is no one
    description of a victim nor is there any one description of a perpetrator.  When you realize this, you will have taken a very large step
    to developing the listening skills for that "Uh, Oh" feeling and creating "The PLAN" that could save your life or the life of someone
    you care about.

But I do not want to be fearful!
Taking measures to improve your personal safety does not make you afraid.  On the contrary, it gives you the freedom and peace of mind
to live your life knowing that you are doing whatever you can to reduce the risk of victimization.

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