According to Jitterbug.com, a website that offers phones designed for senior citizens, their phones offer the

  • Comfortable keypad
  • Large bright screen
  • Powerful speaker
  • Eliminates background noise
  • A personal phone list stored on the phone with easy access
  • Padded ear cushion eliminates background noise
  • Familiar dial tone just like your phone at home
  • Fits comfortably in your hand and around your ear
  • Easy to use speakerphone
  • Update your phone list and features on your personal Jitterbug web page
  • Hearing-aid compatible

You might find the following article of interest:  
Save a Buck:  Simple Cellphones by Caroline E. Mayer, May 27,
AARP Bulletin that further discusses Jitterbug phones.  Another web site found in the AARP Bulletin is www.
ConsumerCellular.com/AARP, 1.888.803.3315.  
Jitterbug can be found at www.jitterbugdirect.com,

by Mugger Slugger
See site:  http://www.m

According to the site:

"You can make sure you are always protected with the Mugger Slugger™ pepper spray key ring. When danger
approaches, a one second burst to the face will instantly incapacitate one or a gang of attackers for up to 30
minutes.  The Mugger Slugger™ is so easy to use, so effective, yet completely safe. It offers ideal protection for
everyone ... men and women, young and old alike. You'll want your friends and loved ones to have one for instant
defense against personal attack. The Mugger Slugger™ is a gift that says you care."

from PersonalAlarmsOnline.com, 1-800-595-6930

The following information is provided by PersonalAlarmsOnline.com:

  • Produces an extremely loud alert for help in attacks and emergency situations.
  • Attaches to a key chain or belt and fits inside any pocket or purse.
  • Clips to your belt to provide easy access.
  • Pull cord to immediately activate the alarm.
  • Lightweight and durable.
  • Extended operation from a single 9 Volt battery (not included)

"What would you do if you were faced with the possibility that you could be mugged or worse? A great solution is to
carry a personal alarm. These security alarms are very light electronic units that are easy to carry with you anywhere
you go. They have a small panic cord that is pulled to activate the alarm, which then produces an ear-piercing shriek
that can be heard for a significant distance. An unmistakable SOS, it will do what a criminal likes least- draw attention
to himself.   This high decibel safety alarm will continue to sound until the cord is placed back inside the unit. Throwing
the cord as far away as you can will make it difficult for someone to stop it from making noise and leave them with the
choice of going after it or take the time to break it, all which puts him in the position of having to waste valuable time
dealing with it rather than being able to focus on you. This self-defense device is a great idea for the elderly, women,
children and anyone who spends time out of the house.  This mini sized alarm is surprisingly small compared to the
tremendous noise that it produces. Its compact size makes it very easy to carry. It can be stored in a pocket, purse,
attached to a key chain or a belt

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